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On July 27, 2023 was held a regular meeting of the Public Council at State Film Agency.

The key issue at the Public Council meeting was the public discussion of the project of Film Development Strategy until 2027, the discussion of which was attended by representatives of the film industry. The participants focused on the fact that the industry development strategy is primarily needed by market participants, not State Film Agency, which allows professionals to build their own long-term development plans, repertoire policy, and assess risks.

In addition, representatives of the film industry and the film community were heard at the meeting of the Public Council. In particular, the following took part in the discussion: Dmytro Lisenbart, director, producer of animated films; Denis Ivanov, producer, distributor, “Arhaustrafik”; Lyudmila Gordeladze is a member of the Union of Cinematographers of Ukraine; Serhii Trimbach, film critic, screenwriter, Deputy Chairman of the National Academy of Sciences; Ilko Gladstein “Kino 42”, non-fiction film guild; Olena Honcharuk, representative of the Dovzhenko Center; Oleksandr Rudakov, “Line of Cinema”; Volodymyr Filipov, producer and Oksana Volosheniuk, NGO Union of Film Critics of Ukraine.

As a result of long thorough discussion and in-depth analysis, experts and members of the Public Council under State Cinema came to a single position, which was expressed in the decision of the Public Council. In particular, to recommend the State Film Agency to withdraw the project “Film Development Strategy in Ukraine until 2027” as not meeting the interests of the film industry, as well as to ensure its finalization through the formation of expert working groups, to involve public organizations and specialists in the development of a new draft of the Strategy, including the Public Council, to recommend extending the terms of public discussion of the draft Strategy and to send letters of appeal to the Government Committee of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, the Government Committee on European Integration, the Ministry of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine, the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine, the Committee of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on Humanitarian and Information politicians

The full text of Minutes of meeting dated July 27, 2023 of Public Council at State Film Agency available on State Film Council official website.

The Public Council under the State Film Agency of Ukraine (Derzhkino) was formed in 2021 and united proactive and knowledgeable public institutions in the media and film areas. Tetiana Ilchuk, co-founder of Ukrainian Media League, was delegated to the Public Council at State Film Agency by the invitation and submission of the NGO “Union of Defenders of Property and the Revival of Ukrainian Film Art”.


The State Film Agency of Ukraine (State Film Agency) is the central authority that implements state policy in film and cinematography areas. The activities of State Film Agency are directed and coordinated by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

The Public Council at State Film Agency is a consultative and advisory body established to promote realisation the constitutional right to participate in the state affairs management; implementation of public control over Agency activities; facilitating the consideration of public opinion during the formation and implementation of state policy.

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