NGO “Ukrainian Media League” (NGO “UML”) is a non-profit public organisation, established in February 2021.

Ukrainian Media League is a community of highly qualified experts and professionals united to affirm the fundamental principles of the rule of law, values ​​and strengthening the role of civil society, development of human rights and freedoms, culture, education, media in Ukraine.

Ukrainian Media League systematically cooperates with international organisations involved in the development of human rights, culture and education, media and other areas.

Ukrainian Media League representative is expert on audiovisual arts in Ukrainian culture foundation. UML experts are also part of the judging panel of the international competition MEDEA Awards, aimed at the use of multimedia tools and technologies in education.

International ADAMI Media Prize for Cultural Diversity in Eastern Europe was being implemented and coordinated under the auspices of Ukrainian Media League.  ADAMI Media focuses on the development and celebration of the achievements of journalists and media professionals from Eastern Europe.

Ukrainian Media League specialists are members of public councils, working groups, expert commissions in key institutions of the media sphere: working group on patronage in culture, the public council of the Film State Agency of Ukraine, State Arts and Art Education Agency of Ukraine and others.

In addition, Ukrainian Media League representatives are members of professional associations, including the Ukrainian Bar Association (GR Committee, Committee on Mediation, and Media and Advertising Law Committee, Intellectual Property Committee), and the Culture and Creativity Association. Also take part in Organizing Committee of significant legal events and GR (Women’s Leadership Forum and GR Forum).

Ukrainian Media League actively cooperates with industry associations in the area of media self-regulation, anti-piracy and protection of intellectual property rights;  development and completion of regulations and bylaws in the field of media market regulation, film production and related areas.