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On January 23, 2024, representatives of Ukrainian Media League participated in the global online webinar of the World Resources Institute (WRI) on the topic of involving proactive public in positive changes in the adaptation of key principles of sustainable development, environmental protection and influence on stakeholders in 2024.

The World Resources Institute (WRI) analyzes key needs in large-scale regions of the world to meet basic human needs; protect and restore nature, and also analyzes the issues of climate stabilization and ensuring sustainable development in communities.

As part of the webinar, WRI President and CEO Ani Dasgupta presented “Stories to Watch 2024”, where he presented four key theses that update the issues and solutions of impact. Each visualized report demonstrated a separate approach that depended on a number of factors, including: the presence of power (leverage) of the leaders of the process and whether they use it to affect the standard of living of people, communities, climate, development and other factors directly affecting them or indirectly influence or can influence.

Thus, World Resources Institute (WRI)’s top-management from different regions of the world identified and presented 4 key areas of discussion:

  • Leadership for critical infrastructure. Reforming and transforming electrical networks – what is necessary for the large-scale introduction of renewable energy sources
  • Food stocks and the food security system: reforming key areas. How is it possible to realize the enormous potential of the food and agricultural sector in the global climate change system;
  • Climate: policy adaptation to 1.5ºC. As the vast majority of the world’s countries hold elections in 2024, how domestic politics will affect global climate action
  • Temperature increase as a direct link to crop yield reduction and crop failure – factors and actions to minimize the negative impact

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