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On February 02, 2023 was held a regular meeting of the Public Council at State Film Agency. As part of the first meeting of 2023, the Public Council at State Film Agency were analyzed the results of the activities in 2022 and approved  the Public Council working plan for 2023.

During the meeting he members of the Public Council also discussed the possibility of holding a competition for the election of a new Council of Cinematography State Support. The main problem with the Council were term expiration of office, and as a result discussion about the legitimacy of its work during the wartime. Based on the results of the discussion and the ambiguity of the interpretation of the provisions of the current legislation, the Public Council decided to address the requests

to the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, the State Film Agency, the Ministry of Culture and Information Policy regarding the provision of clarifications on the legislative for extending the mandate of the Council of Cinematography State Support

The members of the Public Council paid special attention to issues on digitalization, in particular to the development of a media resource for submitting materials and applications for competitive selections, as well as an online budget calculator. According to the results of the discussion, was decided to include these points in the working plan for 2023 for the purpose of a comprehensive analysis and providing recommendations for State Film Agency.

Full text of Minutes of meeting dated February 02, 2023 of Public Council at State Film Agency available on State Film Council official website.

The Public Council under the State Film Agency of Ukraine (Derzhkino) was formed in 2021 and united proactive and knowledgeable public institutions in the media and film areas. Tetiana Ilchuk, co-founder of Ukrainian Media League, was delegated to the Public Council at State Film Agency by the invitation and submission of the NGO “Union of Defenders of Property and the Revival of Ukrainian Film Art”.

The State Film Agency of Ukraine (State Film Agency) is the central authority that implements state policy in film and cinematography areas. The activities of State Fil, Agency are directed and coordinated by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

The Public Council at State Film Agency is a consultative and advisory body established to promote realisation the constitutional right to participate in the state affairs management; implementation of public control over Agency activities; facilitating the consideration of public opinion during the formation and implementation of state policy.

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