Ukrainian Media League operates on the principles of voluntariness, self-government, free choice of territory, equality before the law, transparency, openness and publicity.

Legality and ethics.

Ukrainian Media League strictly adheres to the provisions of current legislation, standards and ethics practices in all activities.


Ukrainian Media League is open to cooperation with public and private institutions of Ukraine and the world.

Integrity and reasonableness.

Ukrainian Media League upholds honesty, reasonableness, adequacy and respect for colleagues, members and partners in any form of cooperation.

Non-discrimination and tolerance.

Ukrainian Media League advocates equal treatment for all, regardless of nationality, gender, race or ethnic origin, religion or belief, political or civil, physical disabilities, age or sexual orientation, or any other characteristics.

UML promotes awareness, respect and understanding of the characteristics, forms of self-expression and self-expression of any person or group of persons.


Ukrainian Media League is an association of qualified professionals and experts.

Promotes the professional development of current and future members of the community and its partners.

Professional community.  

Ukrainian Media League experts and professionals share the acquired knowledge and experience.  UML participants intellectually and professionally support members, participate in collaborations and events.

Inadmissibility of arbitrary interference in the freedom of activity of UML members.

Ukrainian Media League does not interfere in the internal corporate activities of members, including the freedom of entrepreneurial activity, the choice of contractors, contractual relations, etc.


Ukrainian Media League is aware of the social impact of its activities and the projects it implements.  Seeks to effectively apply the acquired influence and expertise to the development of a democratic, tolerant and educated society.

Environmental friendliness and social corporate culture.

Ukrainian Media League supports and promotes the protection of the natural environment, advocates the concept of efficient use of resources.