organization of open dialogue and establishment of effective cooperation for the purpose of analysis, approval and organization of the most qualitative and effective cooperation

Establishing cooperation. Support.  Consultancy

  • strategic consulting for the development of concepts and strategies for the development of socially significant areas;
  • identification and implementation of promising areas and forms of economic and social activities in the field of media, cinema, education and culture;
  • identification of trends and assessment of the dynamics of democratic processes, public opinion;
  • monitoring the activities of authorities, public institutions and their openness;
  • introduction into practice of innovations, scientific and technical developments, new methods of management and methods of work organization, production, commercial, managerial and other experience;
  • accumulation, generalization, study and dissemination of information concerning human rights and freedoms, standards of professional ethics, self-regulation, pre-trial dispute resolution, access to information, protection of information and other information;
  • implementation of research and educational programs aimed at studying the market of advertising, television, Internet and radio broadcasting, cinema, culture and other related fields;
  • providing consultations in the field of media, information law and realization of human rights;

Advocacy.  GR.  Expertise. Legal support

  • cooperation and coordination to ensure the implementation of reforms between Ukrainian and international partners;
  • development of self-regulation and mechanisms for out-of-court dispute resolution;
  • examination of current international and national regulations, development of proposals and projects that contribute to the thorough improvement and reform in Ukraine;
  • studying the effectiveness of the application of regulations, making proposals to improve legislation and practices of its application;
  • preparation of examination of draft laws, current legislation of Ukraine and practice of its implementation;
  • development of regulations, advocacy for their adoption and promotion of implementation;
  • implementation of reforms through the provision of practical consultations, trainings and implementation of other projects;
  • participation in the work of advisory, consultative and other subsidiary bodies at state authorities, local self-government bodies or other public institutions for consultations, preparation of conclusions, recommendations and explanations;
  • examination of advertising, audiovisual projects, projects on the Internet and assistance in the proper implementation of legislation;
  • protection of common interests of television and radio organizations, mass media and other subjects of activity in the field of media, cinema, culture and education;
  • protection of common interests of public associations, institutions and institutions of media, advertising, culture, creative industries, cinema;
  • protection of intellectual property, copyright and related rights, the fight against piracy, regardless of the forms and subjects of distribution, including institutional development;
  • protection of the rights of citizens, as well as legal entities in courts;

Cross-sectoral development. Cultural diversity. Tolerance

  • promoting intercultural dialogue and supporting cultural diversity;
  • development of culture, cinematography and creative industries;
  • promoting the protection of minority rights, cultural diversity and tolerance;
  • formation of a sustainable infrastructure for effective international and interdisciplinary cooperation;
  • cross-sectoral partnership, institutional support of organizations;
  • promoting the activities of scientific institutions, organizations, individuals in the information, media, journalism, as well as culture and television and radio broadcasting, the development of the institute of expertise in these areas;

Certification training. Professionalism

  • development and popularization of professional development;
  • promoting the development of educational initiatives, the introduction of innovations, digital technologies and digitalization;
  • organization and holding of events aimed at training, professional development and advanced training of specialists;
  • formation and dissemination of the basics of business ethics and the development of civilized relations in the media and film market;
  • promoting education and training of the professional media and journalistic community through educational, scientific, communication programs, as well as exchange programs, internships and trainings for professionals in the information and media fields or related fields;
  • establishment of initiatives to celebrate professional achievements in the media, information, film and creative, educational spheres.