Ukrainian Media League invites to join the discussion on Self-regulation of Media

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Representatives of civil society in the framework of the International Program “Self-Regulation of Media” and ITP Ukraine community* will hold an event to study the European experience of self-regulation and the possibility of its adaptation in the Ukrainian media area.

Online discussion “Self-Regulation of Media: European Experience and the Ukrainian Context” will take place on April 8, 2021, from 11:00 to 12:40.

Tetyana Lebedeva, Honorary Chair of the National Media Association, member of the Commission on Journalism Ethics and participant of the ITP Ukraine project, will present the International Program “Self-Regulation of Media” and submit the results of the ITP Ukraine community in building  self-regulation of media  in Ukraine.

The online discussion will feature a separate report by international expert Leif Lönsmann, a member of the Board of the Nordic Journalism Center of Denmark, ex-vice-president of the European Language Union and ex-director of Danish Radio DR. The report will consist of following issues: Danish and Swedish models of self-regulation, benefits and mechanisms for implementing the positive experience;  journalist status in Denmark and Sweden, protection and sanctions for non-compliance with the Code of Ethics;  reputation of media and journalists, supervision of professional and ethical standards.

In addition, the event will present the practice of implementing self-regulatory mechanisms in the Eastern Partnership countries, in particular in Moldova and Armenia, with presenting the reports: Petru Macovei, Executive Director of the Independent Press Association and Secretary of the Press Council of Moldova;  and Borys Navasardyan, President of the Yerevan Press Club, Member of the Armenian Media Ethics Supervisory Board.

Issues of relevance for editorial offices, conditions for adaptation of tools for monitoring ethical issues and professional standards will be analyzed during a panel discussion of Ukrainian media editors, which will be attended by: Maryna Singaivska, “Ukrinform”;  Dmytro Khorkin, “Ukrainian Radio”;  Oleksiy Matsuka, “Dom” and “UATV” TV channels;  Denis Bihus, “Bihus.Info”.

The online discussion will be moderated by Oleksiy Pogorelov, President of UAMB, Member of the Commission on Journalism Ethics.

! To participate in the discussion and to communicate with experts, please pass the mandatory pre-registration.

*ITP Ukraine – a community that brought together experts from a number of Ukrainian media organizations, including the Commission on Journalism Ethics, IRRP, Ukrainian Institute of Media and Communication, Women in Media, Bihus.Info, Crisis Media Center “Seversky Donets”, Ukrainian Media League, The Academy of the Ukrainian Press and others.


The event was organized by the International Program “Self-Regulation of Media” / ITP Media, implemented under the auspices of the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA),  NIRAS Sweden, International Media Support (IMS), Fojo Media institute / Linnaeus University and Global Reporting  Sweden AB.

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