Ukrainian Media Business School

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UMB School / UMBS is educational project of Ukrainian Media League. UMBS directs its activities to create a qualified community that makes a significant contribution to social development, promotes the development of experts and professionals, provides exchange of knowledge and experience, creates new opportunities.

The main purpose of UMBS is to update the knowledge, increase level of qualification and expertise of experienced and young professionals. UMBS training system will provide a flexible learning environment, help prioritize activities and fill gaps in practice.


The following tasks are implemented within the framework of UMBS operation:

  • improving the literacy and quality of specialized and vocational education in Ukraine;
  • establishing a two-way relationship between theory and practice through the involvement of business experts and practitioners;
  • current research in the field of education and training;
  • analysis of the latest trends, benchmarks, development of existing skills and acquisition of new ones;
  • building a network of experts and professionals;
  • placement of current online and offline events of partner organizations and / or information dissemination of information among participants and TA.

Thematic areas of UMBS include: legal, informational, media, cultural, educational, advertising, film and other related areas. Training is organized and can be conducted in different formats

  • offline online events (conferences, round tables, courses, trainings etc);
  • long-term thematic courses and trainings;
  • short-term seminars on highly specialized topics;
  • corporate programs

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