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The State Arts and Art Education Agency of Ukraine is the central executive authority that implements state policy in the arts areas and specialised art education. The activities of the State Arts and Art Education Agency are directed and coordinated by Ukrainian Government (Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine) through the Minister of Culture and Information Policy.

On January 31, 2022, the Constituent Assembly was held for formation of the first convocation of the Public Council at theState Arts and Art Education Agency of Ukraine. The Public Council at State Arts and Art Education Agency is a temporary advisory body formed to promote public participation in the formation and implementation of state and regional policy.

With the participation of the leadership of State Arts and Art Education Agency, representatives of the Initiative Working Group and the public considered the possibility of admitting candidates to participate, as well as the relevant order of the State Arts approved the Public Council in the following composition:

  • Alla Gordienko, Ukrainian Association of Library Workers for Children;
  • Svitlana Yevdokymenko, DUSHA / YUEY Cultural and Artistic Foundation;
  • Tetiana Ilchuk, Ukrainian Media League;
  • Larysa Kotlyakova, Ukrainian Christian Writers Union;
  • Olga Prikhodko, Alter Ratio Art Group;
  • Sergiy Syomkin, Television Industry Committee;
  • Bohdan Khovzun, All-Ukrainian Association of Art Education Institutions

Detailed information on the stages of formation of the Public Council at State Arts and Art Education Agency of Ukraine, as well as information on the activities of the Public Council is available on the official website of the State Agency (in the section “For the public” – “Public Council”).


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