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On December 18, 2023 was held regular meeting of the Public Council under the State Agency of Arts and Art Education of Ukraine (State Arts Council). At the meeting, the members of the Public Council and the representative of the State Arts Council approved the invitation on the cooperation of the representatives of civil society institutes with the corresponding notice on the official website of the State Arts Council

The Public Council under the State Arts Council emphasizes openness in its activities and the importance of comprehensive involvement of the proactive public, representatives of culture, art and art education and all other interested parties. The members of the public council systematically emphasize the importance and value of proposals for discussion and from institutions of culture and art education, which suffered from the hostile aggression of the russian federation and need support in their development and activities.

If representatives of public organizations or associations have proposals that need to be discussed and included in the work plan of the Public Council in 2024, Ukrainian Media League and the Public Council under the State Arts Council invite you to participate in the submission and collection of proposals. To do this, it is necessary to send them to the e-mail address by January 21, 2024. Members of the Public Council will consider all appeals and, having previously discussed all issues, include them in the work plan of the public council under the State Arts Council for 2024.

So, currently the composition of the Public Council is formed by representatives of public organizations whose activities are related to culture, in particular to the field of art or specialized art education. In particular, the Ukrainian Media League (UML) delegated Tetiana Ilchuk, co-founder of UML, manager, media and cultural expert, to participate in the Public Council. UML directs its activities to the development of the media, cultural and humanitarian spheres of Ukraine, implementing an active dialogue and developing direct or related advocacy and project campaigns.

The Public Council at State Arts Agency is a consultative and advisory body established to promote realization the constitutional right to participate in the state affairs management; implementation of public control over Agency activities; facilitating the consideration of public opinion during the formation and implementation of state policy.

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